Unforgettable and unique time

Dear Mrs. Dr. Ritt-Fischer,

I want to thank you and your team for an unforgettable time, that I will keep in very positive memory and that had leveraged my enthusiasm for Hand surgery in a great way.

It is hard for me to put in words what excitement and pleasure you and your team have brought about me, with the decision to let me visit and the possibility to join the surgeons in theatre. I want to highlight that this was really a unique time for me and that I highly enjoyed to be at least a “passive / observing” part of your team. At the same time I want to make The Hand Clinic a big compliment for the great environment that has been created, especially for patients, who really have the best chances for outstandingly good recovery here. Not only due to a dedicated team of top-surgeons, whose openness and explaining attitude I admired, but also due to a great team of scrub nurses, who took fantastic care not only of patients but also of me, and last but not least due to an over exceptionally positive, warm, friendly and supportive working culture and team spirit, which you have implemented in your clinic. This had truly a strong impact on me, and now, when going back to Austria, I will happily re-approach the great impressions I have witnessed, and flashback all the interesting procedures, with great amazement – during the bus ride I will have at least enough time for it.

With that being said, I want to end with a great thank you, wishing you and your team a bright and rewarding future.

All the best, your German-Austrian medical student


Het team van The Hand Clinic ontving als bedankje Mozartkugel (bonbons)